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Pre-genetic Testing of Embryos

There have been exciting advances in our ability to examine embryos for genetic defects.  There are times when this type of testing would be recommended; as in the case of one or both parents carrying a genetic mutation.  However, we do not believe that most embryos should be tested for defects due in part to our belief that it is better to leave Mother Nature alone which is to say that since this testing is relatively new we do not know yet the long term potential effects on embryos which have been tested.  We also believe firmly that patients deserve exacting and affordable care.  Thus most of the time, we believe that genetic testing will net little or no useful information.  However, when circumstances warrant, we can provide genetic testing for embryos for which there is an additional fee.

What is Pre- implantation Genetic Testing?

(PGD) is used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to identify, select and transfer into the uterus only those embryos which no have recognizable specific genetic disease or chromosomal abnormality. PGD can test for two types of genetic abnormalities.  The first kind of PGD testing is checking the embryos for structural chromosomal defects (sometimes called Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening) and the second kind of testing done on embryos is to check for single gene disorders (diseases genetically transmitted).

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