In Vitro Fertilization

Dr. Albrecht has been performing ART longer than any other physician in Colorado. During this time, he has successfully overseen thousands of IVF cycles, most of which have resulted in live births. Dr. Ambler is highly skilled in the latest In- vitro Fertilization techniques to ensure the highest chance possible for IVF success.

Our Unique Approach to In Vitro Fertilization

Denver Fertility -Albrecht Women’s Care provides IVF when indicated after other avenues have been exhausted.  Dr. Albrecht and Dr. Ambler like to think of themselves, first as a fertility doctors, then as a physician who offers IVF.  In other words, IVF will not necessarily be the first-line treatment that they recommend for couples struggling with fertility.

Cost of IVF

An IVF cycle will vary in cost, depending upon issues like the amount of medication required, the number of office visits and ultrasounds necessary to complete a safe, effective cycle. Generally the cost of IVF at Albrecht Women’s Care starts under $12,000.  Medications will cost an additional $3,000-$8,000 depending on the patient’s response to treatment.

Selecting an IVF Program

Most patients affected by infertility wish for a quick answer in response to what have often times been long standing problems. However, we urge you to review, fully, different programs, their results, and requirements. For instance, some reproductive endocrinology practices allow only certain candidates, e.g., women with ideal FSH and AMH levels, to complete IVF cycles. For an accurate understanding of how to interpret different groups’ results, please consult www.reproductivefacts.org. This site, part of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine website, is a helpful, unbiased resource for patients.

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