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Albrecht Women’s Care Egg Freezing & Storage

Denver Fertility-Albrecht Women’s Care offers oocyte “egg” freezing for women who are looking to preserve their future fertility.  Oocyte cryopreservation, otherwise known as egg freezing, has been at the forefront of research aimed toward extending a woman’s childbearing years.

what are the most common reasons
women choose to freeze their eggs?

When is the best time to Freeze Your Eggs?

In your prime reproductive years 20’s and early 30’s.Women in their early to mid 30’s who are not planning to start a family until their late 30’s - 40’s should consider freezing their eggs. Women in their 20‘s who have a family history of premature ovarian failure or other health concerns should also consider oocyte preservation.

What is the process?

  • First we start with a consultation and run tests to check your Ovarian Reserve “Egg Health” through Ultrasound and laboratory evaluation.
  • You will then follow a hormone regime to stimulate the development and growth of your eggs.
  • We will then schedule the Egg Retrieval procedure, which is where we take the eggs out of the ovary and put them in the lab.
  • Once we retrieve the eggs we will then Freeze and store them for later use.

Whether it’s a career path, or life’s path that leads a woman to delay having children until later in life, Denver Fertility-Albrecht Women’s Care is here to support your fertility needs. For more information on egg freezing and costs please contact us to schedule your consultation.

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