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Donor Egg Program

Sometimes couples need a little extra help when it comes to fulfilling their dreams of becoming parents. Our donor egg program allows these couples to review potential donors to choose the best one suited to their family. All donors undergo extensive physical and physiological testing, background checks and family history review. Throughout the entire process strict confidentiality is maintained for the donor and recipient.  Known donors can be used but must undergo a strict screening process using the same standards as we would for an unknown donor.

Donor Egg Cycle

Donor cycles are typically similar to IVF cycles except the donor is used for retrieval and the recipient is used for the transfer. The donor and recipient cycles are coordinated so once the donor has donated her eggs for fertilization, the recipient, who has also undergone uterine stimulation, is ready to receive the embryos.  The Male partner’s sperm is collected on the same day as retrieval and combined with the eggs to achieve fertilization. Once the embryos are mature enough they are transferred into the recipients uterus for implantation. In addition, all extra embryos that are not used for the transfer can be cryopreserved for future use by the patient.

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