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Top Four Fertility Questions

By Dr. Bruce Albrecht on June 29, 2018

Top Four Fertility Questions

 Over the years patients have taught me much about life.  They have taught me through loss, life, and through the asking questions, sometimes routine, sometimes poignant, always important. In similar fashion to another blog which I posted on Fertility Authority recently, below is a list of the most frequent questions patients have asked:

1  Have I done something that caused my infertility?

2  Do most patients end up with a baby?

3  How long does it usually take to become pregnant?

4  If I needed fertility care to conceive my first child, will I automatically need it again?

Answer:  First, although lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, infections and exercise can contribute to fertility, many times infertility is due to causes outside the couple’s control such as genetic issues, malformations of the reproductive tract or maternal age.  Your medical professional will certainly advise you about lifestyle issues that might be affecting your fertility.

Answer: Yes, the majority of patients desiring to have a child end up with one.  Patience and persistence are key.  I have rarely seen a family be built according a precise human schedule.

Answer: My experience has been that most patients will become pregnant within a year of working with a reproductive endocrinologist, though there is no guarantee, and oftentimes the waiting period feels much longer than a year.  Remember that counseling, a spiritual discipline, friendships, journaling, exercise and talking to your loved ones can help you during the wait time.

Answer:  Not necessarily!  Depending on many factors, many patients are able to conceive without intervention during subsequent pregnancies.  (And some of them even do so without planning a pregnancy!)  So make sure that you talk with your health care team this potential.

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