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Counseling and Wellness

At Denver Fertility -Albrecht Women’s Care we believe that fertility care involves all aspects of health including mental health and physical health.  We offer complimentary nutritional counseling incorporating vitamin supplements, diet, and lifestyle into the customized fertility treatment plan. In order to best serve our patients we have a recommended professional health and wellness team to serve you in the Denver Metro Area.


Acupuncture and Fertility Treatment

Research has shown that acupuncture paired with Fertility treatment can greatly help improve outcomes. At Denver Fertility -Albrecht Women’s Care we work with many acupuncturists in the Denver area that specialize in treating women and men along their fertility journey. Our Acupuncturists provide a total body experience through traditional Chinese medicine, massage, and nutritional guidance.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Barbara Hyatt, MSW, LCSW, heads up our strong counseling team.  Ms. Hyatt is both a clinical and medical social worker with a clinical specialty of the emotional impact of reproductive health.  She has been instrumental in helping couples traverse the challenges of infertility for twenty-five years.  Barbara has a special understanding and empathy for patients that are rooted in her personal experience of infertility.

Ms. Hyatt lectures locally and nationally.  She has been featured as an expert and resource regarding the emotional aspects of infertility and fertility treatments.  She is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s Mental Health Special Interest Group, The National Infertility Association, Rocky Mountain Reproductive Association, Fertile Hope, and the National Association of Social Workers.  Ms. Hyatt was awarded a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Denver and complete internship at the University of Colorado.

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